The fundraising and fund delivery is based on our guiding principles. The solution also follows the rules of openness, high efficiency, sustainable development, and low cost running.
  1. Source of fund
    There are two kinds of funds, the general fund and special fund. The special fund comes from fundraisings for special events, such as earthquake, hurricane, or some other tragedies. General fund comes from routine donations.
  2. Objects of sponsorship
    Our focus of sponsorship will be those top students in the class, who needs financial support to help them continue their studies in elementary school through high school.
  3. Amount of sponsorship
    We will sponsor student on a yearly basis. The amount of sponsorship will be enough to cover student’s living expense for one year in local living standard.
  4. Candidates of sponsorship
    • Students from elementary schools through high school
    • Top 20% in the class
    • Average family income is lower than poverty standard
    • Committee will discuss the special needs case by case
  5. Required document as sponsor candidates
    • Applicant form (Name, age, address, parent names, family income, pictures)
    • School information of applicant
    • Academic records from school
    • Two reference letters from teachers, also with signature of school principal
  6. Procedures of sponsorship approval and delivery
    • Representatives of committee will affirm all the information for each applicant
    • Committee will approve all the documents for each document
    • Representatives of committee will deliver funds to each student in person
    • Committee will follow up with every fund recipient