As a young non-profit organization, Sino Next Generation Foundation has already sponsored 220 top students from poor families in China since 2009. This is achieved with the help of many caring individuals, organizations, and businesses. The students received scholarships are from 21 different poor rural areas in China.

In April 2016, we sponsored ten students from Liangshan, Shangdong.

In Feburary 2016, we sponsored eleven students from Yunxian, Lincang, Yunnan.

In November 2015, we sponsored seven students from Lisanyi, Taiwan.

In November 2015, we sponsored ten students from Xichong, Sichuan.

In Octobor 2015, we sponsored eleven students from Xinhua, Hunan.

In April 2015, We sponsored seven students from Binxian, Heilongjiang.

In Feberary 2015, we sponsored eleven students from Qinxi, Guizhou.

In December 2014, we sponsored ten students from Wuming, Guangxi.

In May 2014, we sponsored twelve students from Meinong, Gaoxiong, Taiwan.

Most of the kids among this group of students lost at least one parent and some are raised by a relative because no parents are alive or the survived one is not capable of taking the responsibility. All the kids are at an age that is crucial for physical and intellectual growth and they especially need support for schooling. We hope we can continue to support them and see them grow up feeling being loved and cared about.

In April 2014, we sponsored ten students from Lianghe, Yunnan.

In October 2013, we sponsored ten students in Santai, Yunnan.

"Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records." Adversity caused Shi Nanbao, a girl of eighth grade in Santai middle school, to break records. Living in a very poor family, she not only takes time to help his parents at home and in the field, but also strikes to be the number one in GPA in the class and number one in literature in the city. As the president of the class, she leads with excellence and is a big help with the teachers and students. It is heart-broken to see that such an outstanding kid would not be able to continue her study career because of poverty. This is a war on poverty, and we are willing to be one of the soldiers to fight it.

In July 2013, we sponsored ten students in Lishui, Jiangsu.

Ren Haoran, a top second grader in Lishui Dongpingqunli elementary school, loves calligraphy and has very beautiful handwriting. With the only income in his family, $70 per month, earned by his grandfather though, he cannot afford even one piece of rice paper and a bottle of ink he hopes to have for calligraphy practice. So he created a cheaper way to practice Chinese callipraphy: he replaced the ink with water and rice papers with the surface of the dining table that is also his desk. We feel so proud to sponsor him with our scholarship- we might be raising a future callipraphy master, and you never know.

In May 2013, we sponsored ten students from Baishan, Guizhou.

Among the ten students, Lan Yongzhen is a typical 11-year-old kid, full of big dreams and hopes in his heart. But the reality is not so bright for him: his father who is fifty five years old has physical disabilities and his mother has intellectual disability. Our foundation feels it so important to sponsor him with our scholarship so that he can stay in school and keep his dreams and hopes big and bright.

In March 2013, we sponsored ten students from Hechi, Guangxi.

Hechi, located in the southern China, is a beautiful place covered with mountains, forests, and rivers. Zheng Xiaohong, a seventh grader, is one of ten students we are sponsoring in Hechi. He and his father who has disabilities have lived on government food stamp since his mother abandoned the family because of the hardship. The scholarship he receives from Sino Next Generation Foundation helps him pay for books, fees, school supplies, and snacks.

In October, 2012, we supported 12 children from Xinxiang, Henan Province. Mr. Yukui Tang, Xinxin Chen, and Jianxin Chen helped us to delivery the fund to those kids.

In May, 2012, we held 3rd Chinese Food Competition event. Over 500 hundred people participated in the event. We raised over $13,000 for the poor children who have needs in their education.

In March, 2012, we supported 12 children from Longling, Yunnan Province. Mr. Jiangning Zhu helped us to delivery the fund to those kids.

In September, 2011, Mr. Zepu Liang, Ms. He Li, and Mr. Maurice Krumnow went to Bazhong, a mountain town in Northern Sichuan Province to deliver $3,000 raised by Sino NextGen Foundation to 10 students from 9 schools in Bazhong area.

In May of 2011, we held the 2nd food competition event, also a fundraising for poor students in Yunnan province. We raised over $7,000 in this event for 25 students. Mr. Quanwei Zhang, Mr. and Ms. Xia Zhang, volunteers who was from Yunnan originally, went back to deliver the fund to each student.

In May of 2010, we held the 1st food competition event, also a fundraising event for Tibetan students in Yushu, Qinghai Province. Another earthquake hit that area in March. The school campus was totally damaged. We raised over $3,500 in that event. Mr. Yujie Zhang, a volunteer, went back to China and delivered the fund to each student.

In September, 2009, we sponsored 8 students from Qingchuan, Sichuan Province. Qingchuan is located in the mountain area of North Sichuan. In May, 2008, it was hit by a devastating earthquake which caused a lot of causalities and damages. A lot of people lost their family members and houses. We picked 12 students from Qingchuan middle school. All of them are top students in their classes and their annual family income is lower than $500. The president of foundation, Mr. Juntao Bao, went to Qingchuan and delivered the fund to each student.

In the meanwhile, we are still working on raising more funds to continue supporting those students in above areas and more students in other area.