Meet the Board of Directors


Juntao BaoCharlie Bao, Chairman

Bao holds MS degrees in both accounting and computer science. By day, Bao is a Senior Technical Consultant; by night, Bao is an active volunteer in the community. He has served as vice-president of the 2010 Census Chinese Complete Count Committee, president of the Atlanta Chinese IT Association (2009-2011), and vice-president of the Atlanta Contemporary Chinese Academy(2009).

Benhuan WangMichael Wang, Vice-Chairman

With a degree in information management from Georgia State University, Wang works as a Senior Software Engineer. He serves on the 2010 Census Chinese Complete Count Committee and the Monte Jade Science and Technology Assocation. Wang is also active in his local church's missionary activities.

Dai LinDai Lin, Secretary General

Lin is a doctor of neurobiology, but her talents are wide-ranging. An avid writer, Lin is a member of the Association of Chinese Writers in Atlanta, and has published a collection of essays. She also sings in the Voice of East Choir. Lin works at NextGen to give back to society (as if writing, singing, and healing didn't count).

Jane ZhongJane Zhong, Chief Financial Officer

Like almost everyone else, Jane has a background in math and science。 As a former Chinese school teacher, Jane believes that every student has the potential to learn and grow, they all deserves the opportunity to succeed. Jane enjoys oysters, sunflower-seeds, and people who host parties that have both.

Wen LiuWen Liu, General Counsel

Defying the stereotype that all Asians are engineers, Liu practices international, contract, and commerical law. She has worked for over 15 years in China, Europe, and the United Sstates. In addition to her busy practice, she also volunteers at the Atlanta Chinese School. No, we don't know how she does it, but we sure wish we did.

Zhaoren Li

Zhaoren Li

Li has worked on software applications in the logistics industry for over ten years. He was the founder and CEO of Wintao Global, and established the Chinese software company Saibodisi. Li brings his entreprenurial talents to the NextGen Foundation; he hopes that even our modest efforts will make a real difference in the lives of youth.

Ling Pan

Ling Pan

Ling has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years. She enjoys music, travel and photograph. She feels very lucky to have a wonderful life and cherishes everything she is having so far. Now she feels she wants to do give something back to the others. She is more than willing to devote her efforts to those poor kids who needs help to make their dream come true.

Hong Gao

Hong Gao

Gao has worked in the IT industry for 10 years, and this is his first foray into volunteer work. Gao is the father of two daughters, and his involvement with the NextGen Foundation is informed by their experience. He wants to do something for poor children in China so that they, like his daughters, have an equal right to an education.